The Prevalence of Sexy Photos of Blondes

Many people find blondes to be more attractive than other hair colors. This is mostly because of the way media portrays them. Movies, television shows and advertising tend to feature blondes in much greater numbers than other hair colors. This is because they're seen as the ideal woman model. This can cause trouble when casting blondes in film because they're often given greater roles compared to their proportion in the general population.

Society has itself made the reputation of today's blondes

The society sees blondes as idealized women, including both children and adults alike, who are light haired and sexually appealing. It is easy to find many photos of sexy young blondes circulating a bit on the networks : check my source. Consequently, this causes many people to highlight their light blonde hair when taking photos or videos. They do so because it makes them look cute and increase their chances of getting noticed by others. 

The celebrities attract a lot of media attention because of their appearance. They also inspire many people to change their appearance by dying their hair blonde. This is due to the fact that blondes are generally seen as more attractive than other hair colors. Therefore, this trend can be attributed to mass media conveying an apparent truth about light-haired women, namely, that they're more sexually appealing than others.

Networks have increased the popularity of this hair color

This is partially due to social media users highlighting their interests by posting blondes' photos or content first. Most sites have a 'preferred user type' where they can select which demographic they appeal to most closely. Blondes have been chosen as the most popular among this demographic for a while now, which has lead to their popularity on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Fans like sharing photos of blonde celebrities or friends with this same color hair and tag it with #whyblondesarethebest for reference purposes. This can lead to great memes among social media users and the public at large.