Kbis extract: its role and content

The Kbis extract is an official document that acts as an identity card for companies. It is therefore invaluable and allows managers to certify the legal existence of their company. Companies registered with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) must request the Kbis extract. In this content, discover the usefulness of this document as well as the different information it contains.

Kbis extract: why is it important?

The Kbis or extrait kbis plays a key role for companies registered with the Trade and Companies Register. In this sense, it aims to simplify the identification of the companies concerned. Indeed, during the creation of companies, it is essential to have the Kbis in order to prove that the company is legally registered. It is an excellent way of starting a business in complete security and regularity. If the company is not registered, it is liable to be sued. This is because it is considered an offence of concealed work. This document is also essential for the completion of certain projects. This is the case for opening a business bank account or purchasing some useful tools for the company, for example. The Kbis extract is also important for responding to public tenders. However, for this document to be usable, it is crucial that it is less than three (03) months old. Being a public document, it is possible to request the Kbis of the company of one's choice.

Kbis extract: what does it contain?

As mentioned above, the Kbis extract is a document that contains several pieces of information related to a company. The Kbis of a limited liability company contains various information. This is the identification number, which is nothing more than the old Siren number followed by the NAF code. Composed of four (04) digits and one (01) letter, NAF (Nomenclature d'Activité Française) is issued by INSEE to serve as a census. It includes the trade name, company name, legal form, detailed activity, address of the registered office and capital. In addition, the date of creation, the duration of the company's existence, the references of the competent authorities and the full identity of the persons in charge are given. The presence of any collective proceedings should also be mentioned. For individual companies operating in the commercial sector, the personal information relating to the directors is noted. This includes first and last names, date of birth, nationality and address.