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C2 Above the Fold


Turkey strikes Islamic State, Kurdish militants in drive for 'safe zone'

Turkish fighter jets and ground forces hit Islamic State militants in Syria and Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) camps in Iraq on Saturday, in a campaign Ankara said would help create a "safe zone" across swathes of northern Syria.

The strikes followed Turkey's first-ever air attacks on Islamic State in Syria a day earlier and Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu told a news conference the heightened security operations will go on.

"These operations are not 'one-point operations' and will continue as long as there is a threat against Turkey," he said.

Turkey has dramatically cranked up its role in the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State, which has seized much of Syria's north and east, since a suspected IS suicide bomber killed 32 people this week in a town close to the Syrian border.

It has also pledged to target Kurdish militants, raising concern about the future of the shaky Kurdish peace process. Critics including opposition politicians accuse President Tayyip Erdogan of trying to use the campaign against Islamic State as an excuse to crack down on Kurds.

Spy’s Release Is Unlikely to Assuage Israel on Iran Nuclear Deal

JERUSALEM — The two issues with perhaps the broadest consensus and resonance in Israeli politics are opposition to the Iran nuclear deal and support for the release of Jonathan J. Pollard, the convicted Israeli spy, from a North Carolina prison. Now the two could be tied together, as some in Washington appear to be highlighting Mr. Pollard’s likely parole in November in hopes of quieting the vigorous campaign by Israel and some of its American supporters against congressional approval of the deal.

But while Mr. Pollard has long been bandied about as a potential diplomatic chit the United States might use to force Israeli concessions, analysts said Saturday that such a linkage had little chance of working now, and could instead provoke a backlash.

Iran is seen as too serious a threat for the kind of horse-trading suggested in previous proposals to free Mr. Pollard in exchange for compromise on the Palestinian front, they said. Mr. Pollard has been expected to get out this year in any case, having served the required 30 years of a life sentence, so efforts to portray his release as a grand gesture are already being described as cynical, cheap and misguided.

Ted Cruz: Mitch McConnell Lied


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C2 Saturday A.M. Bulldog Edition


Why Is ObamaCare Punishing Companies That Try To Make Health Care Affordable?

Bureaucracy: The central goal of ObamaCare is supposed to be to make health care more affordable. So why is the IRS threatening massive fines on businesses that try to help their employees buy an ObamaCare plan?

Back in 2013, the IRS issued a startling new rule. Any business that doesn't provide insurance but does help employees with the cost of their own insurance will be fined $100 per day — which works out to $36,500 a year — per employee.

In the bizarre logic of the Obama administration, a company that offers such help is actually providing a group plan, one that doesn't meet ObamaCare's ridiculous array of mandates and regulations.

Allegedly, the goal of the penalty — which went into effect this month — was to keep businesses from dumping workers into the ObamaCare exchanges. But to small businesses that have been helping their employees in this way for decades, it's a devastating blow.

"This is a brand-new penalty that nobody knew about, and it's huge," Jack Mozloom of the National Federation of Independent Business told The Hill. The NFIB figures that 14% of companies that don't offer insurance have such policies in place.

Police: La. theater killer bought gun legally

LAFAYETTE, LA. — The gunman who shot two people to death and wounded nine others in a movie theater before killing himself Thursday night had legally purchased his .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol last year from a pawnshop in Phenix City, Ala., his home for many years, police said Friday.

Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said 15 shell casings were recovered at the Grand Theater 16, where 59-year-old John Russell Houser opened fire on 24 people watching the romantic comedy Trainwreck. He attempted to slip out among hundreds of panicked moviegoers fleeing the complex but went back inside as police closed in. He fired three more shots before killing himself with a final round.

He had visited the theater complex more than once, Craft said, perhaps to determine "whether there was anything that could be a soft target for him."

Religious Tolerance: Made in America


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